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Rungs Of The Ladder
Phil Weidman


Tough Enough
Poems From The TOBs

The Order Of Events
Wagner &  Alexander

Sacramento Voices

Crazy John Poems
A. D. Winans

Simple Sweetness
Barbara West

D. R. Wagner

Sacramento Voices

D. R. Wagner

Sharon Gariepy Frye

Sacramento Voices

Taylor Graham

Spider Season
Susan Kelly-DeWitt

In Chaparral
Wendy Williams

West Of Angels
Allegra Silberstein

The Near Enough
Michael Keith

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian
National 2015 Book Winner

Forgive Me Father
 Bill Pieper

Sacramento Voices 2014
Edited by Phillip Larrea

Sacramento Voices 2015
Edited by Phillip Larrea

Remembering Eternity
D. R. Wagner

Bones, Skin & Soul
David Iribarne

Out Of Reach
Cynthia Linville

We The People
Phillip Larrea


In The Rear View Mirror
Phil Weidman

D. R. Wagner



The Lost Thing
Cynthia Linville

Sacramento Voices

Black Ink Junkie
Dave Boles


The View From Mt. Aukum
Ben Hiatt

Homage To A Word
Dave Boles

Phoenix Fire
Tim O'Laughlin


Some Sort Of Easy Life
Mark Weber

Dave Boles


A Small Answer To
A Large Question
Dave Boles



Do Aluminum Chickens
Eat Metal Feed?
Dave Boles


You Tore Us
Meri St. Mary

Media Dissertation
Of A Balding Man
Dave Boles


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Taylor Graham's



El Dorado County's Inaugural Poet Laureate, Taylor Graham, delivers a fine book written during her two year tenure as the regions finest wordsmith.  You will not find urban scenes here. Nor will you find modern machinations of current society.  What is captured here is the raw beauty of the land Taylor has grown to love. There are tales of Indian Chiefs, miners, all manner of nature and, most of all, our past which guides us every day.  Take a moment and step back in time, it is a journey well worth traveling.

110pp. Soft Cover & Perfect Bound, 7" x 9"

Free shipping within Continental United States



"This is my office. It has to do/with the work of seeing, telling./ It has to do with wonder/and praise"...words from Taylor Grahamís first poem introduce the reader to a guide book of the poetís perceptions of the Sierra Nevada mountains and foothills, its present and past. Grahamís fieldwork in search-and-rescue, coupled with her background as a reporter, have informed much of her poetry with wide-ranging observations and insights. She writes about landscapes and history, bonds between generations common to the land. Noteworthy people and places such as the life and legend of Coppa Hembo, last chief of the Hill Nisenan, and Wakamatsu, the first Japanese settlement in California, are highlighted in poetic verse. These are pages of deep observation of the relationship of people and their environment. Not just a matter of place but a reclaiming of the homeland of a historical destiny, a literary work testifying to a search for self.

                             Lara Gularte, Poet/Writer
                            Kissing the Bee


Within these pages lives breathing evidence of the boots-on-the-ground poet Taylor Graham truly exemplifies. The first Poet Laureate of El Dorado County could not have been anyone else. She is of the land and so by extension is her work.

Taylor can whip up a poem in a moment on any subject that you throw at her, yet she can also spend days crafting a single line. Writing is in her blood and the act of writing itself, I believe, is an everyday necessity for her, as breathing is to the rest of us. That necessity, that immediacy, is present in her work. Taylorís ability to make the commonplace grand and the grand accessible touches us all.

Grahamís time serving the poetry community, and especially her time as Poet Laureate, will continue to be a yardstick with which, not only future Poets Laureate will measure themselves, but also any poets that truly connect with their environment and community. Her service to the written word in her community has been immeasurable to so many. It certainly shows in this impressive body of work.

                           Andrew Vondershmitt
                           Program Manager
                          Arts and Culture El Dorado