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96 pp + soft cover.  Perfect bound.


Susan Kelly-DeWitt finds poems everywhere, or perhaps they find her, falling around her like snowflakes or cascading leaves: rivers, doorknobs, graveyards, dragonflies, all alight in a language that is inventive and freighted with attention. “Your gull-colored mood,”  “the dragonflies…their stickpin glit darting before me,” crows circling "like black Conestogas”—you get the idea.  She sees the world her own way and writes her mind.  And this is exactly what good poets do.

- Frank Gaspar

The poems in Susan Kelly-DeWitt’s SPIDER SEASON reflect our human desire to weave the inner and outer worlds into an ordered pattern: like the spider’s web, these poems are delicate, made of strong filament, and vulnerable—impermanence proves to be a force as strong as the desire for order. This book beautifully renders the process, rewards and disappointments of this universal human struggle.

- Jane Mead 


In this brilliant book, pure music is charged with an emotion unmistakably real. The images here are alive; they are vivid and sensual. Unlike much contemporary poetry that sounds professorial, Kelly-DeWitt’s voice is one that knows, as Lorca knew, that the only thing a poet is a professor of is the “five senses.” Like Rodin, about whose work she writes so beautifully, Kelly-DeWitt understands that an artist strips “passion / to dark bone” and forges “arduous coupling from / the soul’s lack.” This is a wise, beautiful collection of poems that will stay with you long after you finish the book.

- Ilya Kaminsky  


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